If you’d like to see and listen to my thoughts about work processes, I typically share them on Medium.

(Sorry, WordPress, you have served me very very well.  Medium just allows for quicker uploading and more organic discoverability at the moment 🙁 )

Angela Obias


Apparently, these are the 5 posts that are resonating with people the most:

This might not seem like a lot to most people, but I’m honored that “Starting out in UX” has been organically shared on Twitter 21 times, some by the likes of international bloggers Justin Mifsud and Paul Olyslager.

My favorite tweet about it is:

Starting out in UX: What it actually means, when you say that you’ll do UX for a living


Structuring content, about structuring content


Starting out in Content Strategy
You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Numbers: 4 Simple Steps for Data Analysis

Content Strategy on a massive, revenue-generating scale: or how 30 Rock’s research jokes reflect…


I have 5 other online collections (that are more photoblogs or Instagram blogs, than writing):

One for collecting all the screenshots I take when studying interfaces: http://screenshotcrazy.tumblr.com/

One for collecting digital content trends in the Philippines: https://dailypanghimagas.wordpress.com/about/

Another for collecting how Filipinos use day-to-day design workarounds (Inspired by Jane Fulton Suri’s book Thoughtless Acts):  https://instagram.com/diskartengpinoy/

One that’s a tribute to good (or weird) content strategy: https://instagram.com/contentstrategy_/

The last one is pretty much just the food that I eat 🙂 http://crumbtrail.tumblr.com/