I’m Anj.

I’m a user experience and design researcher.
I’ve led two Digital Strategy teams before – one in a digital agency, the other in a media conglomerate.  Now, I chose to start my own design research consultancy.

I’ll just be direct because I don’t like fluff.
Fun, yes.  Fun is important, as is entertainment, drama and suspense.
But fluff – unnecessary features and elements that don’t contribute to the total objective — no.
I’ve worked with the Philippines’ biggest media brands to measure effectiveness, then optimize their content, design and business models for digital.
If the well-loved designer Massimo Vignelli fights ugliness  — then I would say a design researcher fights irrelevance.  My mission would be to fight useless products and useless content.  My heart bleeds whenever I see a campaign that doesn’t make people feel or learn or do something they want or need to.
I believe design is really about finding what people need and want (even those that they can’t express) and then optimizing services, actions and visuals to better fulfill those.

This is a movement to make, and only make, things that people will use.  This is a movement for relevance.

I’ve trained in measuring and optimizing designs to achieve results.  If you’d like to work with our team, check out our website.

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